The source of all violent crimes is the vast minority of people

Started by Volunto, Feb 07, 2023, 06:39 PM

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According to one Swedish study, the 1% of the population is responsible for 63% of all violent crimes. The sample of this study was 2,393,765 individuals over a time period of 32 years. Murder, assault, robbery, a gross violation of personal integrity, kidnapping, arson, intimidation, as well as unlawful coercion, threats, and imprisonment were categorized as violent crimes (including attempts to commit them when possible).

Only 93,462 (i.e., 3.9%) out of all individuals considered, committed at least one such crime, while 21,530 individuals (i.e., 0.9%) committed from 3 to 10 crimes, and 2,812 (i.e., 0.1%) more than 10 violent crimes. It is also worth noting that in total they committed 234,383 violent crimes, or 2.5 crimes per one criminal.

In 2020, 2,044,221 crimes were registered in Russia. Of all crimes, 1.53% were related to murder (7,695), intentional infliction of severe physical harm (20,019), kidnapping (411), and rape (3,535). Another 2.14% of crimes were assigned as robberies and burglaries (43,700). We can also add here 2.7% of threats to kill or cause severe physical harm (55,223). Lastly, 1.66% of crimes are intentional infliction of harm to health of moderate severity (28,185) and beatings (5,716). Concluding, about 8% out of all crimes are violent [39].

According to the researchers, although homicide rates vary tremendously from one society to the next and also change over time within the same society, the vast majority of people never kill or attempt to kill anyone. One can even look at societies where the rate of violent crime is extremely high, such as Mexico. According to available data, it can be said that about 250 people per 100 thousand of the population (or 0.25%) per year in Mexico become victims of serious violent crimes, including murders, but excluding robberies, for which there are no concrete data. And it is obvious that there will be far fewer violent criminals themselves than their victims.

It is also worth briefly mentioning that crime, including violent crime, does not have a universal and biologically determined relationship with age. Although in practice the main share of crimes is committed at the age of 15-25, after which criminal activity decreases, this is more explained not by biological, but by social factors that affect the minority of people who are able to easily commit violence. It is always worth remembering that the vast majority of people never commit violence, especially in its serious forms.