Violence draws too much attention to itself

Started by Volunto, Feb 07, 2023, 06:43 PM

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Sometimes it is stated that not a single day in the history of mankind has passed without violence and military conflicts. So, it should be a natural phenomenon for humans and human society. However, this opinion is based more on the subjective evaluation of events taking place in the world than on real data, as well as on the excessive visibility of violence against the background of all other events.

There is one illustrative example of how violence can attract significant attention: 69% of Americans believe that domestic violence is a common problem among American football players. This belief is based on media scandals unfolding around players who actually do this. But if we rely on statistics and not on subjective feelings, it turns out that in the families of American football players, domestic violence occurs almost two times less often than on average in American families.

Observation of violence makes people believe that it is common. But to give a real assessment one should only rely on real data and not arbitrary statements.